Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bad Day, Good Day

So I got my first paycheck today, or rather half of it as the other half will come at the end of the month? I'm not sure about it yet but I am going to ask my fellow English teachers. Also, I found that there is a place in Seoul that sells olives. I am unbelievably happy. Slowly I am collecting ingredients for tacos. Right now I have to think of a way to get the shells without actually making them.

Today someone must have fed the kids coke or something because they were BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS. I got so fed up with Apricot class, the smallest ones, because they were running around on the table tops shrieking whenever I got close to them. Finally, I had to get a Korean speaking teacher in there to yell at them. I feel like I copped out but what could I do? My good friends Death Stare and Angry Mommy Voice were just not working. I console myself with the fact that they are only five and it would be hard to control a roomful of five year olds in any language.

In my afternoon classes, I was told that I was going too fast in one class. I was going about a story a week which I thought was a little slow for these kids. Now, I am supposed to do one story every two weeks and I ask you, what, exactly, do they expect me to do? Create a song and dance to go with the story? Theres only so much material there. Luckily, the kids are pretty smart and their stories are about things like Native American Tribes and Solar Systems. I guess I can do some teaching on those subjects in addition to the English. I did actually go off on them about Native Americans because I though it was a weird thing for them to be learning about here in Korea. And its an old joke in Anthropology that every Native American tribe has its own anthropologist - American Anthropology is very concerned with them for obvious reasons. I could see their glazed looks as I started in on it. All I have to say is those kids are going to be bored

I asked today and was told that to mail things to me you should use the school address which is:

5th fl Shin bon V Charman
748-2 Seong bok dong
Suji gu Yong in City Gyeonggi, South Korea

I'm not sure if I got the line breaks right but thats all the information.


  1. You should teach the kids to come to an attention or something everytime you say a word (even attention works haha). Then challenge them to be the fastest kids to come to attention. Then award stickers to the ones who are fastest. Or maybe one of those gold stars? If you can manage to teach them that, it's a FABULOUS trick for working with a room full of 5 year olds haha.

  2. ooo thanks Dani. That actually may work. It will be hard trying to convey the concept around the language barrier but eventually, once they get it, it should be golden.