Tuesday, March 30, 2010


More team building took place tonight. I got the impression that they had such a good time at the impromptu dinner the other night that they decided to arrange a potluck with all the teachers.

I made tacos! And they were a big hit; everyone took some home with them. The other English teachers made Caesar salad, pasta and red sauce, brownies. The Korean teachers brought it various Korean dishes - the names of which I know not. We had the same pork wraps there were the last time and this weird salad-type thing that had everything in it. And I mean everything. There were: grapes, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, red peppers, corn, apples and some other things I could not identify all in a creamy yogurt-like sauce. Debbie made these things that tasted like potato pancakes but had no actual potatoes in it.

Rachel was drinking again - she seems to be the office lush - but shes a funny drunk so its okay. After about a bottle of the rice wine we were drinking she started treating the little dixie cups we were drinking out of like shot glasses. Lynn, another Korean teacher, was not helping anything by yelling "ONE SHOT ONE KILL!" at Rachel every time she got another cup. This, by the way, is my new favorite saying.

The best part of the evening was when we were all full and just trying new combinations of foods. Jonathan had brought sour cream for the tacos and Rachel put a LOT on her taco. So, in order to... I don't know, spread the taste around? she put, on top of that, some pasta and some red sauce in the taco shell. Then the other Korean teachers, liking the taste of the sour cream, started putting it on the corn bread. The Americans at the table were all shaking their heads, telling them not to try it, and were all completely disgusted when they ate it. Christina, a Korean teacher, then put the sour cream on a brownie. I actually tried it and it wasn't so bad.

Jonathan was thoroughly repulsed by this but was not about to be out sour creamed by a girl (especially after the other teachers had said, in Korean, that he wasn't manly because he wouldn't drink and didn't eat very much).

So he got one of the fried potato pancake-like things in his hand and asked for the sour cream. Because, normally, you have sour cream on potato pancakes. Immediately, all the Korean teachers were shouting at him like they were trying to talk him of a ledge. They were so grossed out by the prospect that many of them refused to watch. The ones who did gave a collective groan as he downed the thing.

Its so weird how taste buds are so different from culture to culture.

Something I really like about Koreans is that they are not self-conscious when they eat. They just shove food in their mouths as gracelessly as they want and no one judges. They really liked tacos.

By the end we were so full I felt like I could have rolled home.

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