Monday, March 1, 2010


Last night I managed to stay up until 10pm! yay! But what I found out at around that time was that I would not be able to move into my apartment for at least another day. This is just one more development in a long list of SNAFUs that has riddled my relationship with my new employer. Its gotten to the point that I don't know how civil I can be to her once I finally meet her in person. I mean, what am I supposed to do? The hotel is booked for the rest of the week and other hotels in Seoul are probably in the same situation. I was officially homeless in Seoul.

Fortunately, Mom has friends everywhere and I was able work up the resignation to call one up and ask to crash at their place. I would really like to know what the principal expected me to do. Anyway, I'm moving to a new location today and then the next day I will be moving into this mythical apartment. I hope.

I watched the US vs Canada Hockey game this morning and probably woke up my neighbors with all my shouting. I never knew hockey was so intense. Either way it was a great game even if Canada did win. I mean, come on, what else do they have going for them? We can let them be best at hockey. I also ended up watching the 500 mt speed skating finals which was pretty spectacular because a skater from Canada and Korea took dives right before the finish line. But Korea still got the Silver which confuses me. Apparently Apollo Ohno was disqualified? Can someone enlighten me on what happened? The commentary was in Korean so even though they were shouting something I don't know what it was.

The Canadian flag in front of my hotel is at half mast... I'm not sure why. Maybe the pole is broken? Or did something happen that I am not aware of?

By the way, in Korea there is no less than two (2) television channels devoted to playing video games. Specifically Starcraft. Not the way G4 is about video games but like ESPN is about sports. They show the game in progress and have people commentating, or rather, shouting over it. In Korea, Starcraft is serious business.

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