Friday, May 28, 2010

Drunk and Still Sober

We had some more Korean team building yesterday. This time in the guise of saying farewell to Sean, our co-teacher, who is heading back to Canada because his contract is over. Sean is going back to spend more time with his father who is dying of cancer. I always feel as though I should say something to him but I never quite find the words. And really, what is there to say? My cat had cancer but saying anything about that would just be ridiculous. How can I compare my loss with his disaster?

Needless to say we were trying pretty hard to have a good time last night. Sean seems to be pretty resigned about it but the rest of us aren't so well adjusted.

So we talked a little, the Korean teachers made fun of the men's eating habits (namely that they didn't eat enough) and Susan tried to get me to eat pig's liver (not a chance in hell). We talked a little about the whole North Korea and South Korea being on the edge of war thing and how three of North Korea's submarines are missing. Lynn was speaking quickly and gesturing at us which William said was her complaining that it didn't matter to us because we could just hop on a plane and go home. Which is true, I suppose, but we're still here now.

We drank a lot of makali which is a rice alcohol with milk or yogurt mixed in. It has the uncanny ability to turn my face bright red. This time I wasn't sitting next to Rachel and thus wasn't required to keep up with her in the makali drinking department. That was Sean's job this time.

We tried to talk about the new foreign teacher but it was like it was a national secret or something. We couldn't get a name or an age out of Debbie. All we could get was that it was a he and he would be getting here Saturday, starting on Monday (more time than I got). After being pressed we found out that he is from 'your country'.

It was pretty sober evening in general, with war and death on everyone's mind no matter how much makali was consumed.

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