Monday, May 10, 2010


I've been finding more and more resources on living in Korea and one of my favorite by far is

(Kimchi is Korea's national dish - basically fermented or pickled cabbage - and I don't know how many times a day I have to yell and my kindergarteners to eat their kimchi at lunch.)

Its run by a Canadian couple (Simon and Matina, I think) who have lived here a while and have taken on the role of internet welcome wagon (a lot more inviting then some internet welcome wagons I've seen). They do videos and stuff about how to survive certain situations and about Korean culture.

a friend of mine was told in a training seminar (uhhh, where was MY training seminar?) to learn K-pop songs so that she could more easily bond with her kids. Luckily has a solution for that problem.

I give you 'how to dance K-pop' videos. click on where is says "watch on youtube". Watch and enjoy.

Also, at the end, there is a part of video of a Korean comedy Duo thats called Choco Boy. You need to watch the whole thing. I don't know why this is funny even if its not in English but it really is.

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  1. what a hoot - I loved the video. Who knew there was such a thing as "K-pop"?! Are you learning the dance moves?