Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dorm Room Tactics and the World Cup

The conflict with North Korea has pretty much deteriorated into a dorm room squabble of epic proportions.

It started when North Korea broke South Korea's spiffy battleship and South Korea went to the R.A. - in this case, the U.N. or maybe the U.S.A. depending on how you look at things. The R.A. wouldn't do anything except right them up (that goes in your permanent record, folks) which never has any effect anyway. Thus, South Korea has resorted to full on psychological warfare. They are - I kid you not - blasting Korean girl band music across the DMZ in an effort to undermine North Korea's control on their people. Or make them all go insane. I'm not really clear on which.

This is a tactic I am very familiar with and have used several times in my stay in Delta Berkley - the only dorm ever busted for coke dealing. Campus ministries even drew us a mural on our sidewalk in the middle of the night to encourage us to turn to Jesus.

But I digress.

The latest news is that Kim Jong-il is threatening to break South Korea's speakers which they are using to broadcast K-pop and other propaganda.

Despite the fact that I was woken up by thunder yesterday and convinced for a good ten minutes of sleep addled confusion that Seoul had just been bombed, I am no longer terribly worried about it. Every Korean I've spoken to on the matter seems to think that North Korea just wants money. Basically, they get into dire straits and display to the world what an unstable country they are and the fund start pouring in. It seems to be a regular occurrence.

I can't imagine what kind of petty shenanigans would go down if South Korea had to play the North in the World Cup. I think that would be just about the only thing that would bring them to war.

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