Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here was what my lunch comprised of yesterday:

Dried Squid legs in sweet chili sauce
boiled robin's eggs
an avacado

I am so not in Kansas anymore. I've never been to Kansas but i'm pretty sure none of those things are regularly on the menu. Well, rice, but who counts rice?

We're getting a new Korean teacher (Lucy) and she seems really nice. We chatted some when she was observing one of my classes.

But today I was having trouble with a class and breezed right by her without saying hello. Not a big deal in America but, as I have already mentioned in a previous post, serious buisness in Korea. It been one of the hardest things to adjust to because I often ignore people I know on the street. Nothing personal, just habit, I guess. I was absorbed in my work at my desk when I felt someone rubbing my back. I look up to see Lucy with a concerned look on her face.

"You seem upset." she said. I wasn't really but I was frustrated enough to not have remembered to greet her when I walked in - this was the point that I realized my mistake. So I gave a dramatic sigh and played it up.

"Kiwi class is crazy." I tell her. She gives me a sympathetic look and starts fanning me with the papers she has in her hand. I feel bad about my earlier misstep so I try to make up for it. And one thing I have learned about female kind is that there is sometimes nothing that can lift your spirits like a sincere compliment from another female.

"You have such a pretty dress!" I said. She is tall and curvy in a way that Korean women just aren't. In America she would be considered a knock out.

"Thank you! You have a pretty face." Apparently she is well versed in female, too.

later I find out that she can't come to a get together we are having because she's going to the hospital to get monitored becasue she's on serious diet drugs.

Ah, Korea. Destroyed another woman's self esteem, have you?

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