Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have a tendancy to collect links. Even though I have read them all ready, I still keep them up in my browser because they are too good to just close. So, I have decided that from now on I will post them in my blog - after all it is an essential part of my life - the interwebs, that is - and some things are better in context. Here is a post of random links many of you may or may not find interesting.

1 - Wyclef Jean is running for President of Haiti. I at once think this is hilarious and awesome. I would vote for him - its not like he could do a worse job.

2 - In an marvelous show of spine, a girl quits her job via picture spam and exposes her boss's hypocrisy at the same time.

3 - 21 Iconic Places in pictures taken a century apart. Only been to five that I remember. Lame.

4 - in case you didn't hear, 10 aid workers were killed by what is believed to be the Taliban.

5 - North Korea puts their soccer team through an inquisition because of their poor performance in the World Cup. Apparently, they got off easy because they weren't all sent to labor camps. When the best you can hope for is labor camps when you get home, it's no wonder they didn't fare so well.

6 - Japan apologized to Korea officially for the illegal annexation of Korea back in the day. They're still ahead of the Vatican, though, who took three and a half centuries to apologize for that whole Galileo thing.

7 - This is exactly how I feel. Also, this is probably true. Sometimes I feel like some movies would turn out like this if it wasn't for someone's mass stupidity. For some reason, today I really like this comic so heres two more: one, two.

8 - This video is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Totally wish I had had the idea first.

9 - North Korea built a fake village in view of the South Korean portion of the DMZ in order to show the world how well they are faring. Unfortunately, I'm sure you can also see all the flooded fields and people dying of starvation due to the recent monsoons that they seem intent on covering up. You may have heard of the floods in South Asia and China but you may not have heard that North Korea is also suffering a similar fate. They just don't want anyone else to know.

Whew. My browser is not curiously empty...

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