Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This commercial is pretty awesome. Shot with one of those billion frames a second cameras.

This is just peaceful to watch. She is incredibly graceful.

This is an article about jousting being the new extreme sport. The two guys in the picture at the bottom, are the guys I was the squire for when I was working at the jousting tournament in Sarasota. I had to catch the horses when the riders went flying. They were telling me all about how they had modified their armor so that the lance wouldn't glance off but either, shatter in a amazing display, or throw them from their horse.

Kpop songs that are everywhere these days: Bad Girl, Good Girl and 너 같은 사람 또 없어.

From these you can definitely see some Korean fashion choices. At least for the guy's video. The girls are kind of dressed a-typically.

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