Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harry Potter

I know many of you are aware that I am a fan of Harry Potter, but not many of you the full extend of the madness. I have recently been re-reading all of them, even started reading the first one in Spanish to improve my language skillz. And it seems these past two weeks have just fanned the flames. I know the new Harry Potter movie is coming out in the States, but it won't be out here until late December, so, could you guys cool it?

Here are some examples of what I am talking about. The Four Annual Qudditch World Cup was held in Manhattan earlier this week. No, I am not making that up, just look at the pictures.

I also came across this article about the actor who plays Dudley Dursley. I've always wondered how his acting career was going to turn out.

Finally, to make things that much worse, Darren Criss was on Glee the other night. Darren Criss being the person who played Harry Potter in A Very Potter Musical, a fan made production that is absolutely brilliant. Its really a shame that Warner Brothers won't let them sell the soundtrack, they'd be rich by now.

The Musical was performed at some college in Michigan but only became famous after going viral on YouTube. Just another example of how the internet makes everything better. If you haven't seen A Very Potter Musical, shame on you. Click here or on the link above and watch it now. Its hilarious and a great example of the creativity of college students trying to avoid doing school work. Though, if you haven't read the last book, there are spoilers, so I suggest you read the last book, THEN watch now.

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