Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Korea Has Made Me Vain

I’m going to take the low road here and blame my lack of updates on my haircut. Oh yeah, I’m going for it. You see, my new haircut is so high maintenance (I have to wash and blow dry it every morning or else I look like this) that I have no time to write an update. For serious. I mean it. Can’t you see my serious face?

Anyway, seriousness aside, things are really coming to an end and I am preparing to make my exit as gracefully as possible. This involves lots of mailing things home, lots of throwing things out and lots of planning. I’m trying to mail everything home that I won’t need on a backpacking trip through Asia Minor and Eastern Europe (and by this you are meant to glean that my trip home has now changed so that I will be taking the often overlooked Egypt-Cyprus-Turkey-Hungary route back to the Western Hemisphere). At which point I’m sure this blog will be flooded with posts as everything will be new and shiny. I remember the good old days when I first got here and I had to restrain myself from updating my blog because I had just done it three hours ago. Now, I occasionally have the passing thought: ‘I should write in my blog about that’, but it quickly leaves me. For this, I am sorry, because Korea is such a great place and I feel like I haven’t done it justice. Just yesterday I was walking out in the cold like a crazy person (it’s NEGATIVE 14 DEGREES here. Just fyi.) and this woman hands me a hot red bean bun, which may not sound appetizing to you (and really to me either, because I’m not too fond of the red bean paste), but let me tell you, there are tons of people who would consider this gesture a heartwarming one and that bun kept me warm all the way home.

The kindergarteners have their graduation on February 24th for which I have to make them memorize a speech. That’s right. I have to make four year olds MEMORIZE A SPEECH. You can imagine, I’m sure, just about how well this is going. I just want to burst into my principal’s office and scream at her: THEY CAN’T EVEN READ. Am I the only one who gets this? More on this later. Promise. If my hair lets me.

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