Thursday, February 18, 2010


My plans for Korea are eternally in limbo but rest assured I will make it there! I went to the Korean consulate Tuesday and managed to have a horrible time of it (do you know how many buildings on Massachusetts Ave. have a Korean flag hanging outside their building? 'Cause I do). But to make a long and demoralizing story short, my visa should be ready on Friday (Feb. 19th).

My visa number started with the letters 'HOBO'. I feel I am being labeled.

On the brighter side, I met a fellow English teacher at the Consulate and she was very enthusiastic about her experiences in Korea.

Also, good news, only PART of Korea has Malaria! This makes my life easier. More on this later.

For the meantime, here is what I worked on while shut in my house during the Snowpocalypse:


also, this:

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