Monday, February 22, 2010

Really Annoying

I am off to a rocky start, it appears, in boss-employee relations. This last week started out with my contact at the recruitment agency, Lucy, telling me she had a plane ticket for me. Which was great despite the fact that it was 20+ hours of travel time. I've had worse.

But! She emailed back a couple hours later and said, actually, can you get your own ticket? Which worked just fine for me because the ticket she got me had me arriving on Monday, March 1st, and I would have to start teaching Tuesday. Not an ideal situation, to say the least. So, I found my own ticket for what I thought was a steal that got there the Friday before the 1st and sent her a confirmation saying that I was all set. This way, I figured, I would have time to figure out at least where everything was before I had to start working.

Then! Lucy emailed me and said the principal of the school I was to work for, the person who will ultimately pay for my ticket, said the non-refundable ticket I had purchased was too much money and could I please cancel it and find another?

We are currently battling it out in a kind of bi-continent, passive aggressive, wait-until-the-other-person-is-asleep-and-drop-an-email-bomb, phone-tag event that should really be an Olympic sport. Worst comes to worst I'm responsible for the difference between the two tickets which is just $100 so it not really that big a deal. Just really annoying.

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