Friday, April 30, 2010

Job Opening

If anyone knows someone who would like to work in Korea there is an opening at my school. They asked if I had any friends who would be interested and I told them I would ask around. So ask around, this school is a really good one despite their lack of vacation days.

only requirements:
Must be a native English speaker
Must have a college degree (it could be in underwater basket weaving for all they care)
Must be willing to move to Korea at the end of May

Good things:
you save money because you are not paying rent and everything is pretty cheap.
you live in KOREA
you get your own apartment or, if you really want to, you can get a roommate.
I'll be there (really, what more do you have to hear?)

Let me know if anyone is interested. Preferably someone I know personally so I can vouch for them. But its not 100% necessary.


  1. How long is the position for?

  2. one year. But you can extend if you want.

  3. Hi, uh, you don't in fact know me, but your blog was linked to by one of your friends (reservoir on Livejournal) because I've been bugging everyone with talking about teaching in S. Korea. And then I saw this post! Is there a way you could get me in touch with someone?

  4. brittany - you want to teach in Korea? Send me an email at and we can talk about it. I don't know you personally so I can't vouch for you but I can put you in touch with my boss so she can start the process of getting you over here. Like I said, All you need is a university degree and to be a native speaker.