Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seoul Saturday Night

Yesterday was definitely a great day. I think I mentioned that I met a girl at Lotte Mart named Leslie and yesterday was her birthday. She wanted to go out on the town and meet some people she's been talking to online in Seoul and knew that I was anxious to see more of Seoul so she asked if I would like to come along.
We took the bus into Seoul with was MUCH faster than the hour and a half the subway usually takes and if nothing else I'm glad I went just so I could figure out how to get downtown quickly.

We met up with a couple that Leslie had met in Suji (where we live) who have been here for about four months. They had spent the day sight seeing with their elite knowledge of Seoul transportation services. We also met Franque - a half-Korean, half-Chinese graduate student who grew up in Canada - and Jessica and Judy - Who are both Korean English teachers with a three year old in tow.

Our whole party - minus Jessica and Judy because they had to take the three year old home - ended up at a Nepali restaurant for dinner. It was pretty weird because the last time I had Nepali food, I was in Nepal. There were Nepali things everywhere and even the place smelled like Nepal - incense and Indian food. For a while I missed traveling in India and wished I was back there. But then they gave me utensils and I was grateful I was in Korea.

I have to say, as much as everyone says that Indian food is hot, Korean food is ten times hotter. I have never had an instance in the five months I was in India where I was like: I may not eat this, its way too hot. And yet that has happen twice in the month I've been in Korea. It could be the fact that Indians tone down their food for foreigners but I was very impressed with the spiciness of the food. It was like Indian food, done Korean style. We had chicken tikka masala, garlic and butter Naan, dry papad (my favorite) and strawberry lassis.

we rode the bus back to Suji with the couple - Ryan and Stephanie - who kept on suggesting things for us to do in the future - everything from Salsa dancing lessons to Ultimate in Suji park. Leslie and I had long chats about our lives and found out that we not only own the same camera, we have the same aluminum water bottles too. Clearly, we were meant to be friends. We walked home following the path down by the river which I had always been cautious about taking at night because its rather secluded.

All in all, the night was great - the company was excellent, the food was amazing (despite the fact that we were all bright red and sweating like farm animals) and the whole night from beginning to end only cost me about $20.

Tomorrow, I am going to see either Alice in Wonderland (which I haven't had a chance to see yet) or Iron Man 2 which comes out in Korea before the states.

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