Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am fighting a war. A war of climate change. Battle lines have been drawn. casualties are mounting. A growing number of the populace wants to know why we all can't just get along. But this is serious. This is a matter of life and death. Thats right, folks. I'm in a full out air conditioning war.

Tensions started rising in early May when the weather went from pleasantly mild to sauna in a matter of days. Thats when the first blows were struck. I didn't know where the switches for the air conditioning were so I had rely on Mrs. Kim to turn them on for me when I went into a classroom. Of course, Mrs. Kim, being the infamous penny-pincher that she is, wouldn't turn the air conditioning on until we were so hot the pencils wouldn't stay in the kid's hands because they were sweating so much.

After that, the battle commenced. I'd go into a classroom to cries of 'Teacher! Hot!' at which point I'd send in one of the kids to ask Mrs. Kim to turn on the air conditioning. She can't deny the kids because they are paying customers so she would turn on the air conditioning for as long as it took to convince them they were maybe not going to die of heat, then turn it off again.

There was a real victory on our side when Rachel defected and showed me where the control panel for the AC was. Ever since then I've been turning on the AC before I even go into a class so that Mrs. Kim won't seem me leaving class to turn it on.

But the victory has been short lived. Mrs. Kim has caught onto my maneuvers and now turns off the AC halfway through class so that I can't just leave and turn it back on.

Neither side is yielding and neither will until the it gets cold again in November.

Many people have told me that the world is not half as dramatic as I imagine it to be but you wouldn't say that if you could see the sweaty faces of the children who are suffering.

Think of the children, Mrs. Kim.


  1. I really don't need any more posts about sweaty children, there, I said it.

  2. My blog is not for the faint of heart, Gabe.