Monday, September 27, 2010


Sorry for the radio silence, but when I said vacation, apparently, I meant vacation. The week was rather uneventful. I only went downtown once and was greeted with a flood of biblical proportions in the heart of Seoul - here is a picture to let you get a feel for it. Watch the video, too. I really thought the subway was going to be flooded and I would be stuck downtown for a couple days.

Where I was, in Itaewon, the manhole covers flew off as the water came out or the sewers like a fountain. The city workers that showed up had to chase the covers down the street because they were caught up in the flow.

Otherwise, all I did was explore around Suji, get hooked on Leverage again, and write.

But today, school started again, and even though I had the morning off, I got there in time to see some of the Kindies just about to leave. At which point, I was jumped by three four year old boys who had apparently missed me.

When I got upstairs, I was informed that the Kindies were all going to Everland (think Disney World) on Thursday and that I had drawn the short straw (also known as the AWESOME straw) and I was going to be chaperon. I've been meaning to go to Everland ever since I got here so I'm pretty exited about it. I'll be sure to take a bunch of pictures.

That's really all there is, except to say that the industrial size container of Junior Mints I bought from Costco is now dwindling. T^T

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